Membership Signup Instructions

Here is the link to renew your membership

Once you are on that page, use “Add to Cart Button” as shown in the screen capture below:

Then click “Add to Cart”. After that, click the “View Cart” button – which appears at the top

The “View Cart” button takes you to the page shown below.

From here click “Proceed to Checkout” and you’ll be taken to a page to add your name address (be certain to fill in the required block where it says: Membership Recipient Name & Postal Address *) and then click “Proceed to PayPal” to make payment there as in the screen capture below:

You will be taken to PayPal to pay with a credit card (or your PayPal account if you have one). That screen is shown below: There is no need to log in to PayPal if you don’t already have an account with them. Just enter credit card information and billing address to complete the process.

Once approved, you’ll be able to log in at Opossum Society web site and view the newsletter (only after we are notified of payment and approved your membership).

If you are unable to complete the process via the above payment option, we have a printable form you can print and fill in – then send with a check via U.S. Postal service to us. Here is the link to that form

Feel free to get back to us with any further issues and thank you so much for supporting our work!