Humane Removal of Opossums
For a nationwide list of humane trappers, refer to
Wildlife Diseases
Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management
Rabies Information from American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
Professional Organizations
California Council For Wildlife Rehabilitators (CCWR)
International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC)
National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA)
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Geological Survey National Wildlife Health Service:
Poisons and Emergencies
ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
Cornell University Poisonous Plants Home Page
Wild Again – Wildlife Rehabilitation
Educational Sites
Kids’ Planet (Defenders of Wildlife)
Cats Indoors
Cats Indoors
Opossum Books

Legislative Alerts Affecting Animals

Humane Education Network (California)
Humane Legislative Network (California)
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