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Gilbert Opossum Riding a Roomba Vacuum

Grapes are a great way to distract an opossum

As you can see from this video, an opossum can be engrossed in consuming a grape and not care that is atop a Roomba.  We recommend bringing 6 or so room temperature grapes (cold grapes aren’t as aromatic) to an exam with your veterinarian.  Make a small puncture in the grape for ease of snagging with a tooth.  Dole out the grapes one at a time and your veterinarian can use an anal thermometer, check feet and palpate organs with little or no concern from the opossum being examined… until the grapes run out.

Water bottle placement in opossum cage

This video describes how to determine placement of a water bottle for hanging in an opossum cage.

Click the box symbol in the lower right corner of the video to view it full screen. Then push “esc” button (usually top left corner of keyboard) to return to normal view.