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The Adaptable Opossum

The Virginia opossum can adapt quickly to a changing world. Part of its success may be due to a highly efficient reproductive strategy that includes the ability to adjust the sex ratios of its progeny

The Adaptable Opossum
Author(s): Steven N. Austad
Source: Scientific American , Vol. 258, No. 2 (FEBRUARY 1988), pp. 98-105 Published by: Scientific American, a division of Nature America, Inc. Source URL:

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Reward for Information on Suspect Shooting an Opossum with Crossbow

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Reward for Information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for shooting an opossum with crossbow arrows around Thursday night or Friday morning, January 21st or 22nd 2016 near Hole Ave. and Jones ave in La Sierra of Riverside, CA.

Call 951-358-7387 or email
Reward offered by Wildlife Emergency Services 1-866-WILD-911