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The Adaptable Opossum

The Virginia opossum can adapt quickly to a changing world. Part of its success may be due to a highly efficient reproductive strategy that includes the ability to adjust the sex ratios of its progeny

The Adaptable Opossum
Author(s): Steven N. Austad
Source: Scientific American , Vol. 258, No. 2 (FEBRUARY 1988), pp. 98-105 Published by: Scientific American, a division of Nature America, Inc. Source URL:

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Gilbert Opossum Riding a Roomba Vacuum

Grapes are a great way to distract an opossum

As you can see from this video, an opossum can be engrossed in consuming a grape and not care that is atop a Roomba.  We recommend bringing 6 or so room temperature grapes (cold grapes aren’t as aromatic) to an exam with your veterinarian.  Make a small puncture in the grape for ease of snagging with a tooth.  Dole out the grapes one at a time and your veterinarian can use an anal thermometer, check feet and palpate organs with little or no concern from the opossum being examined… until the grapes run out.